The Course

A Historic Donald Ross Creation

Established in 1922, Longmeadow Country Club is one of the most prestigious and oldest clubs in western Massachusetts. LCC boasts an 18-hole, Donald Ross championship golf course that is nationally renowned. LCC has been the host to the 1995 USGA Girls Junior Amateur, the 2005 USGA Junior Amateur and the site for the 2013 MGA Amateur Championship.

Hole 1

Par 4 | 436 yd

The opening hole requires a straight tee shot as a series of well placed bunkers catch drives headed too far right and Shaker Road collects golf balls headed too far left.

Hole 2

Par 4 | 439 yd

This slight “dogleg” left hole requires a tee shot favoring the right center of the fairway. Tee shots hit too far left will find heavy rough guarded with tall trees while tee shots too far right may find the native grass or out of bounds

Hole 3

Par 5 | 601 yd

The tee shot on the par 5 third hole should be no further than the big tree on the left corner of the fairway to remain short of the dropoff after the fairway.

Hole 4

Par 3 | 134 yd

The 4th hole has a lot of character for a par 3 under 140 yards. The two tiered green is protected by a bunker right, a bunker left, and a drop off long of the green.

Hole 5

Par 4 | 318 yd

This risk reward par 4 can be played a few different ways. Long hitters may pull out driver which will need a 285 yard carry while others will take a much safer line for a short iron approach to the green

Hole 6

Par 4 | 453 yd

The scenic par 4 6th requires an accurate tee shot to set up the approach into the green. Tee shots should be played to the top of the hill as balls chasing down the hill have a chance of finding the large pond.

Hole 7

Par 3 | 185 yd

The downhill par 3 7th requires an accurate Tee shot into a two tiered green. Typically the shot into the green plays 1 club downhill.

Hole 8

Par 4 | 447 yd

The “dogleg” left eighth hole requires both length and accuracy. The tiny red tree on the right corner of the fairway is a good aim point.

Hole 9

Par 4 | 439 yd

A nice straight out tee shot on 9 will leave a mid iron approach shot.

Hole 10

Par 5 | 483 yd

The second and final par 5 is under 500 yards but requires two accurate shots to make a good number.

Hole 11

Par 4 | 422 yd

An accurate tee shot is required on 11 as the entire left side is tree lined while reachable bunkers guard the right side off the tee.

Hole 12

Par 4 | 449 yd

The line off the 12th hole is the right center of the fairway as everything tends to kick to the left. However, too far right and you may find yourself in reachable bunkers off the tee.

Hole 13

Par 3 | 228 yd

The thirteenth hole is the longest of the par 3’s. A higher flighted shot is optimal into this pitched and firm green.

Hole 14

Par 4 | 362 yd

The shorter par 4 14th allows for multiple club choices off the tee. Accurate tee shots are required to avoid fairway traps left and a large tree blocking any shot to the green from the right rough.

Hole 15

Par 4 | 401 yd

The tee shot on the slight “dogleg” fifteenth is one of the tighter tee shots on the course. Be careful aiming your tee shot as the tee box aligns you to the penalizing trees on the right side.

Hole 16

Par 3 | 140 yd

The par 3 16th is another great hole under 150 yards. Hitting from an elevated tee box, the approach requires a controlled shot into a two tiered green surrounded by bunkers.

Hole 17

Par 4 | 426 yd

The par 4 17th hole is a very unique hole; the only hole on the course without any bunkers.

Hole 18

Par 4 | 393 yd

The scenic par 4 18th hole gradually plays uphill and to the right. The ideal shot will be played to the largest part of the fairway just short of the fairway trap on the right.